One on One Coaching

In simple words it's exactly that. One on one.
We'll chat to know where you're at, what is currently affecting you, or if you want to enhance your life in different aspects.
We will see together and find the roots of whats keeping you from finding & feeling at Peace within and Heal the parts of your life that are pulling you back, so you can start creating the kind of life you wish to live.

Touching the Surface

1hr 30min

One on One Coaching

1st Introduction Session 1hr.


1hr - Private Session of
Guided Meditation & Sound Healing

Meditation & Sound Healing

This session is private, it can be either One on One or Group Sessions. In some cases depending on the needs of the client, it may be more optimal for it to be a One on One kind of session.
The healing power of Frequency, can alter in a beneficial way the molecules of waters vibration within our cells, therefor our entire vibration, helping us in the release of stagnant energy, or blockages of e-motion.
Through a guided meditation which will be directed to address the different needs to be attended.

Retreats & Sweat Lodge

Re-Treat, as the words says it for it self, is to Re-Treat one self, to reconnect with the treatment we are giving to our selves.
Through the Grounding, Spiritual Connection, Emotional Clearing, Mental Awareness, Ancient and Updated Wisdom, we treat our Being to enter a state of Coherence, renewing the waters of our cells, changing the vibration of our bodies, clearing our minds, and connecting with our feelings, entering a state of balance within.

Natural Pond

3 Days 2 Nights

Whole Weekend Retreat
Group Meditation

Yoga Class

Sweat Lodge (Natural Sauna)

Wisdom Knowledge