My Story

I'm a LIFE LOVER, and have been a Songwriter my whole life. Even though music has been a very powerful tool & gift along my life to give me peace and happiness, and share it with the world, or just to express my feelings, somehow on the other hand, through my emotional life there was much chaos, and I kept on encountering emotional unbalance from one relationship to another, repeating the same old emotional, personal and generational, patterns once and again, wondering if there was a way out to all of this.

After many years of deep search and healing I realized the answer had always resided inside of me.

My name is Patricio.
After a lifetime going once and again through the same toxic experiences, not knowing clearly what was I doing wrong, I finally touched "Rock Bottom", not knowing, as the person who helped me back then when I said to her that I've had a "break down" she kindly told that what I was experiencing was a "break through", this changed my way of viewing things completely.
Since then I saw my life differently, not feeling weird for been a human being going through human experiences.
Yes, there was lots to clear & heal. Yet, I was just at the beginning of finding all the answers I had been searching for, to Unresolved Trauma, deep E-motional baggage, feelings of Unworthiness, sense of Not been enough, lack of Self Acceptance, Self Judgement, sense of Abandonment, you name it, I was just getting started in the best adventure of my life.

Through my own Healing & Spiritual Path I came to comprehend & find my Inner Peace & Balance. All that used to trigger me so easily, and set me out of balance, suddenly started becoming an opportunity to refine each time more and more my new skills I has learned, which I had developed from the Space I had CLEARED inside of me, from within.

I had much more MENTAL CLARITY, I could see my self been able to avoid entering discussions and having negative thoughts.
All this led me to find my purpose in life, "wanting to help others to Free them selves from these e-motional ties as I had been able to do so", ultimately I regained my Freedom, that Freedom that I used to have when I was just starting to discover this marvelous world, but with wiser eyes.


I want YOU to Free yourself, and stop depending on anyone else from breaking your state of peace & happiness, or even just finding your TRUE HAPPINESS & PURPOSE IN LIFE.

If you have the Courage to Start your Path towards Healing, then lets get started Now!

I'll be your Coach, more like your Spiritual Healer Guide & Friend who will guide you through your own Process & Healing Path, the Guide & Friend I wished I would've had
whilst I was going through my toughest moments, who now can be of service to you.
Because in reality, it's ALL inside us, we just need to learn ourselves from within. And I'm here to guide you through.


So I began my Path as a Healer & Soul Coach.
Welcome to the Tribe!

Buddha Statue

My Approach

We are in times of Evolution, more than ever it's where we need to TRUST our selves, I'll show you how to become in touch with your self, and your best Guide, Your Intuition. I'll teach you different simple yet tremendously effective techniques that will help you on your healing and clarity.
You will have all these tools available for you always, wherever you go.
I'll be side by side, guiding your steps through until YOU feel safe and comfortable enough to keep going on your own, or feel how you go.

I want to see you FLY, your EMPOWERED self.

In 2009 I met one of my great teachers, who introduced me to Sintergetica, where I learned to Heal through my hands, Sacred Geometry, Family Constellations, Metaphysics, among others.
Mean time I started my Yoga & Meditation practices and studies with great teachers and guides.
Back in Chile I did my Pineal Gland Activation at the Fresia Castro Organisation.
Not long after in 2011 I was the Fire Keeper for my first 3 ceremonies of the Native American Path in Australia, where I was invited to become a Sundancer and travel to South Dakota, U.S, and have the privilege to Sundance with the honorable Lakota Nation.
After this I kept connecting and learning from different tribes and ceremonies from Mexico all the way to Chile.
Few years later, I went to India, on a Yoga Course accompanying my partner back then, and I did my Sound Healing Course at the Yoga Kailash Tribal School in Dharamshala.
Some years later I was given the permission from one of my elder teachers in taking on the responsibility for running Inipi Sweat Lodges (Medicinal Natural Saunas). It had been an intensive Spiritual Healing and learning curve amongst it all.
Then I traveled to Guatemala to do my first Meditation Retreat, at the Piramides del Kah Meditation Centre.
During all these years I've been through many different modalities of Healing, such as, Medicinal Plant Ceremonies, Psycho Therapies, Holographic Kinetics, Alternative Spiritual Healing Therapies, Past Lives Regressions, Hypno Therapy, Shamanic Drumming & Healing sessions, amongst many others, in which I've had the opportunity to learn and connect the dots of how every single practice is linked to one another, and had helped me in comprehending how I could help others to alleviate their pain and heal.