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Clearing our E-Motional baggage creates the space for self growth, transformation & ultimately our inner Freedom.

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About Me

I'm a LIFE LOVER, and have been a Songwriter my whole life. Even though music has been a very powerful tool & gift along my life to give me peace and happiness, or just to express my feelings, somehow one the other hand, through my emotional life there was much chaos, and I kept on encountering emotional unbalance on one relationship after another, repeating the same old emotional personal and generational patterns once and again, wondering if there was a way out to all this. After many years of deep search and healing I realized the answer had always been inside me.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


My Sessions

One on One Soul Coach Session

1hr 30min - One on One Coaching & Therapy

Meditation & Sound Healing Session

1hr 30min - Private Session of
Guided Meditation & Sound Healing

 Retreats and Sweatloge

3 Days 2 Nights

Weekend Retreat
Group Meditation

Sound Healing

Yoga Class

Sweat Lodge (Natural Sauna)

Ancestral Wisdom & Knowledge


I first met Pato when he arrived in Sydney in 2007

And we became friends instantly. Pato and I have been in the spiritual path for many decades, and it was only natural that our energies were going to be very compatible.

Over the past years, Pato has had the opportunity to explore his inner workings further in the company of indigenous tribes of North and South America. Currently Pato finds himself in a place of serenity and balance, a person who is connecting and transmitting messages from the heart and from the brightest energies of our universe.

I know Pato for decades, he is someone who has spent his life following the spiritual path.  We have had long sessions, many of them recently,  discussing my current situation in life. He has provided me with very accurate advice and the best possible options to move forward, messages from the heart and the brightest energies of our universe.

Diego Ruiz

I started doing meditations at the beginning of the COVID19 lock down. It was a particularly a stressful time. I found that the meditation and sound healing sessions with Patricio Lara were very helpful. They helped me to to calm down and focus on what is important in my life.

Peter Muller

Crossing paths with Pato and his lovely way of speaking and expressing ideas is a blessing. He introduced me to meditation uninterestedly, wanting to gift me, with passion, that wonderful experience which awoke in me a search each time more intense starting from that moment.
Thanks to Pato for opening the doors to me of this path so beautiful to feel and help me in my own discovery and inner growth.


I’ve been meditating for a while now with Pato and truly it’s an experience a wouldn’t change at all.
On a spiritual level, to meet Pato has been great for my life, it has helped so much.
 On an awakening level it has helped me remember what I am meant for in this world and the mission in my life which I’ve discovered throughout meditation and connecting with God and my Spiritual Guide.
The best of all is to know that we’re not alone in this battle.
And that nothing if by chance.
On a personal level it has given me peace the teaching of meditation, it’s something that I wouldn’t change at all.
Truly Pato is a person worth following and I feel very happy he’s the one that guided me to see my real mission, on this earth we have to unite the energy of love, only then we will be connected through our missions.

Diana Palomo


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